Five Best Websites for Accessing Online Research Papers

Which Websites Can You Rely on for Online Research Papers?

The emergence of online digitalized websites has been a game-changer. These websites provide access to so many research papers from different publications. Getting pure and appropriate intellectual information is no longer a hassle if you know where to look. These are some of the platforms that have been rated with the best research papers online.

  1. Academia.Edu

It is a networking website purely dedicated to academics. I t is digitally transformed to fit into your pocket. It allows users to create personal profiles and connect with colleagues from other networking sites. One can share research papers for free and request feedback from other researchers. It has a notification feature that alerts users whenever a researcher on their follow publishes an article. How cool is that? It is also one of the websites that allow a user to download a paper and view offline.

  1. Elsevier

It is one of the best online research websites. It has multiple topics and reviews, which makes it interesting to explore. One can never get enough of this website, especially if you into hardcore research. This website has a library and a community of users with a wealth of options to choose from. With its competitive features, such as an effective full-text search option, it is worth looking out.

  1. CORE

It is a British origin website that has an enormous population of research papers. It's one of the fastest-growing websites due to its huge collection. It is a great platform for one who wants to understand the economics of innovation and inequality. It’s a good option just like the others and worth checking out. It will be quite relevant for accessing academic and research papers.

  1. Microsoft academic.

It was previously known as Microsoft Academic search. It has some interesting features, such as information reading, among others. It is a very powerful tool for researching topics of any domain. This platform uses new technology like machine learning and knowledge discovery for the searching capabilities that redefines how you have been doing research. It also has multiple versions. It is regularly updated.

  1. Google scholar.

It is a search web engine that specifically provides scholarly literature and academic resources.

It is very popular for research. It allows users to save articles to your library. Scholar gives you the option of setting up alerts when there are new results for a specific search item. It also offers citations for search results.

Why Should You Use These Websites?

I have 101 reasons why you should use these platforms, but I'll state the main ones. Let’s face it. Research work is the most complex and time-consuming. These platforms ensure that they accord their users all their help by providing research papers from all domains.

  • These websites provide a lot of handy tools to guide users to get the best results.
  • The availability of multiple articles leads to a refined search.
  • Researchers also get pure information, which is a refreshing change from fake news and science.
  • These platforms also help in increasing the user's knowledge on various issues.
  • They also offer a platform for researchers to share information with others.