How to Use the Three Paragraph Outline for a Summarized Essay

What is an Essay Outline?Do you struggle with your essay structuring? For any academic task, you need to arrange your write up in a well-arranged manner for easier clarifications. It involves the creation of an ideal paragraph layout to sustain a well-researched assignment. In most cases, teachers request the typical five-paragraph outline. Sometimes, a simpler version of the three-paragraph one is a necessity for beginners.

How to Write a Three Paragraph Paper

This outline offers a summarized organizational structure for an extended essay. As the name suggests, this outline allows a writer to condense the supporting points for a conclusive write up in a singular paragraph. Compared to other layouts, the final product takes a smaller space. Below are helpful guidelines on how to write each of the three sections.


Like other outlines, the three-paragraph style starts with the introduction of Para. This segment plays the role of initiating your ideas to your audience. It also acts as a magnet to attract and engage them to read further. A credible layout should start with compelling quotes, queries, or a motivating fact. Sometimes, you can clarify a difficult or a significant part of your write up. Despite the limited space in the outline. Do not forget to incorporate a thesis statement. The thesis gives

your assignment some level of purpose.

The Body

The body section takes the role of sustaining the thesis mentioned above. To achieve this, you can create a connecting sentence from the intro. A conclusive body requires you to make more than one draft. You are required to do thorough homework and conclude on the best. This outline does not have the space that another style enjoys.

But you can still slot in concrete facts to win over your readers. Another way is to state your perspective through acclaimed research and analysis. Do not forget to conclude with a swaying sentence to the last bit.


In all types of essay writing, a conclusion ends the task. In three-paragraphed assignments, the conclusion part is almost the same length as the previous paragraphs. Its central role is to drive the thesis and body ideas home. In short, it should reaffirm the thesis in different vocabulary and summarize the body content. Conclusions also have a role in engaging the reader in some form of challenge. You can achieve this either by suggesting action or consideration. In the end, the reader should come out wiser on a topic from your work.

The Bottom line

Remember to always polish your paper before handing it over. In short, allow it to flow and amend any spelling mistakes. Concentrate on the conclusion sentences in all segments. Do they connect? There are great transition words to use, like ‘additionally’ and ‘likewise,’ amongst others. Do not forget to cite your content sources (books, websites, etc.). Most lecturers will request you to prepare your page either in APA, MLA, or Chicago formats. There are other intricate formats used, but these are the most popular ones. In case you

get stuck, you can always seek further guidance from your teachers.