Major Rules to Follow When Writing an Article

Types of Articles

There are several types of articles. They include:

  • New stories
  • Features
  • Instructional articles
  • Profile articles

Each piece has some specific qualities that make it unique. However, some common characteristics are shared by all reports and ask about how to make essay order. These shared characteristics include; writing, researching, and editing. As a writer, article composing can give you the platform to share your views and other vital information with the public. The following are some basic rules to follow when writing an article:

Select a Topic

This is always the first step when writing an article. You should select several topics so that you don’t feel limited. Write the objectives you wish to achieve by writing this article. Describe the limits you want to reach when writing. You will find it easy when composing an essay that is targeting a particular subject or an audience. Once you settle on your topic, stick with it.

Describe your Target Audience

After picking your topic, you must now describe the target audience you wish to address. You can ask yourself the purpose of writing the article and what you want the reader to learn from it. Focus on the information you want to bring up. The last step is to define the approach to apply when writing your paper.

Do your Research Correctly.

After you have picked and defined your audience, the next step is to gather relevant information in your article. You are free to read other items that are related to your topic. When researching, write short notes, and keep a record of all the keywords you come across. Facts are essential when writing a paper. Before starting the writing process, make sure you have enough points to support your ideologies. Keep a record of these sources so that you can avoid plagiarizing your work.

Write an Outline

After you have gotten enough points, create an outline. Outlining is an effective way of making your paper have a proper structure. It also makes your essay have a smooth flow. It would be best if you wrote any idea that comes to your mind. Do not disregard anything. Don’t pay too much attention to the grammar mistakes you make when outlining. You can use bullet points when outlining. It makes it more accessible.

Edit your Rough Copy

In this section, you revise and edit the draft copy made in the previous step. Look for the grammar mistakes you may have committed. Take a look at your choice of words and change them if it is necessary.


It is essential to proofread your paper. By proofreading, you define how you wish your article to sound and its effect on your audience. Check whether the item is following the correct structure. You may also consider giving it to your friend to do the proofreading on your behalf.

Add Graphics

This is the last step when writing an article—graphics and pictures at an extra taste to your paper. Images are used to grab the attention of the audience. Make sure you use high-quality photos. Visuals do help the audience understand the contents written in an article.