Ten Common Types Of Research Papers

What Are the Most Common Examples of Research Papers?

It is your obligation as a student to be aware of the various types of research papers. You see, college professors assign different assignments to their students and how to make writemyessayonline. Therefore, keep reading to discover the multiple examples of research papers. There different kinds of research papers, all of which require a particular approach. It does not matter what type of research paper has been assigned; all need to know how to present the information. Below is a list of the most common types of research papers:

  • Analytical research paper

In this paper, a researcher must collect relevant data from other researchers and analyze their different opinions. One must focus on their findings and conclusion and then make a personal conclusion out of the topic. It is essential to remain neutral. Never show any positive or negative opinions on the subject.

  • Persuasive/Argumentative research paper.

It presents two sides of a controversial issue in a paper. This research paper aims to convince the reader to see the researcher’s point of view. As one persuades the readers, do not be too emotional. Always support arguments with logical facts and statistical data. As a researcher, analyze the pros and cons of both sides. It is expected that one will give preference to a specific option. Either for or against, better or worse.

  • Cause and effect

These are the first types of research papers that students in high school and college are given. This research paper answers two main questions, “why” and “what,” which are meant to reflect effects and causes. They trace expected or probable results that could arise in a particular situation. In education and business fields, cause and effect research papers help trace a range of results that could arise from a specific action.

  • Experimental research paper

A researcher is expected to conduct an experiment, share useful experience, provide helpful information, and sum up. It is mostly used in fields such as biology, chemistry, and sociology. Experiments are meant to explain specific outcomes after performing a particular action. For example, one might be instructed to do a laboratory experiment and state the findings.

  • Survey research papers

It demands the conduction of a survey that includes asking questions to respond. Survey research collects information about opinions, knowledge, and social facts. The researcher must then sum up the information and analyze it thoroughly before presenting it in the research paper. A good example is when the country is expected to have a census.

  • Problem- solution

It is both written by scholars and students. It is aimed to solve specific problems that have some challenges with proposed methods. The researcher is expected to analyze the existing information about the issue and identify possible solutions and the solutions’ effectiveness. A good example of problem solution research papers is ‘causes of teenage pregnancy and how they can be reduced.’

  • Report research paper

Last but not least is the report research paper, which tends to be the easiest. This paper aims to inform the readers of a particular topic’s main facts based on the existing information. A good example is ‘a report on the effects of smoking on academic performance.’