The Role OF an Article Editor

The responsibilities of a publishing supervisor

A publishing supervisor plays a lot of roles in an organization. Some of these roles may include:

Make Sure the Articles are of High Quality

An article publishing supervisor ensures there is a steady supply of high-quality articles. These articles must attain the bare minimums of the organization. If the articles submitted are of low quality or they are less in quantity, then the publishing supervisor must have a sitting with the publishing team and discuss what the cause is.

Ensure the Articles are Engaging

A publishing supervisor makes sure that the articles submitted are engaging. The content must reflect the ideologies of the company. The articles must be appealing to the eyes of the audience. Most publishing supervisors love articles that are controversial since they will attract a lot of traffic on their websites.

Helps in Maintaining Integrity

An article publishing supervisor makes sure that the company acts following the accepted social norms. They ensure that the company plays by the rules. The industry standards on integrity and ethics must be followed to the letter.

Support the Publishing Contact

As a publishing supervisor, you should always keep in touch with your publishing team. Discuss possible strategies that may improve your organization. It would be best if you worked together towards improving the quality of the content created. They also Support the Advertising Department

Types of Publishing supervisors

Different types of article publishing supervisors perform different roles. The following are the types of publishing supervisors we have in an organization:

Developmental Publishing Supervisors

These publishing supervisors are consulted by an author when they have an idea of a book they want to write. The publishing supervisor helps the author write the book from the beginning; they help out craft the idea, draft the outline and also writing the draft copy. At this stage, the author is given personal attention more than any stage. The publishing supervisor will take a look at the structure the writer is applying and focus on the contents of the book to be written.

Substantive Publishing Supervisors

These are publishing supervisors who offer help to both fiction and non-fiction article writers. The publishing supervisor does not work with an author from the beginning stages. He/she start to work with the writer after several drafts have been already written. The publishing supervisor will only look at the small details and give feedback about the feeling he gets from reading the article. He will then address all the weaknesses of the article and give possible solutions to improve these weaknesses.

Acquisitions Publishing Supervisor

The role of an acquisition publishing supervisor is to find upcoming writers and go through their article and see if they will be profitable to the institutions they are working for. The aim of profitability in the long-run. The publishing supervisor also promotes the works of the chosen article writer. An acquisition publishing supervisor also helps the writer in making decisions based on marketing, accounting and contracts.

Copy Publishing Supervisor

This is the publishing supervisor who goes through an article before its printed or posted online. His role is to look for any inconsistencies in the structural and realistic data. He also checks for any copyright regulations broken so that the company does not face any legal action.